OEM Product


Magnetic-type earphones for radio and television applications are part of the SDKM product range

Stereo Mini Headphone-PUR
Stereo Mini Headphone-GRN
Stereo Mini Headphone-WHT
Stereo Mini Headphone-PNK
Stereo Mini Headphone-ORG
Stereo Mini Headphone-BLU
Stereo Mini Headphone-BLK
Stereo Headphones Casque Stereo-BLK&RED
Stereo Headphones Casque Stereo-RED&BLU
Stereo Headphones Casque Stereo-BLU&WHT
Stereo Headphones Casque Stereo-RED&WHT
Stereo Headphones Casque Stereo-YEL&GRN
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-GRN
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-WHT
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-PNK
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-BLK
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-BLU
Stereo Mini Headphone Spray-RED
Water Proof Type
Inner Ear Type Stereo Earphones
Mizo Earphone
Mono Earphone 3
Mono Earphone 2
Mono Earphone 1